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Area Mass Index (AMI)

The area mass index (AMI) is a characteristic of anthropometry and represents the ratio of the body mass of a person measured in kilograms (kg) to its actual body surface measured in m², And the sex of a person. The body surface of a person is at the same time the area of ​​his heat exchange with the environment. The heat generation of man, which is necessary for the maintenance of the body temperature, depends on the mass, or rather, on the mass of the muscle. The ratio of body mass to body surface is not constant but is determined by the body shape. Impacted bodies always have a much smaller body surface area per kg body mass than lean body shapes. To this extent, lean body shapes give considerably more energy in the form of heat to the environment than compact ones, provided that the conditions of the heat exchange (ambient temperature, insulation by clothing, etc.) are identical.

AMI for Woman:

AMI = 0.865 ⋅ BMI - 18.65 = 0.865 ⋅ m / L2 - 18.65

AMI for Man:

AMI = 1.048 ⋅ BMI - 16.08 = 1.048 ⋅ m / L2 - 16.08

with m : Body Weight in kg, L : Body Height in m

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